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What is a control management system? This phrase has different meanings to very specific industries. When used in the context of building management, it's synonymous with Building Control System (BAS), or Building Management Systems (BMS).

The Building Management System is a network of hardware and software that act as automated controls for their respective facilities. A primary objective in these systems is increasing operational efficiency while optimizing energy usage across your facility - all so you can maximize effort and improve safety!

This concept is also becoming wildly popular in the residential sector as well. 

What if you could control your home from the palm of your hand (or even by voice)?

The increased popularity for smart homes has led to a boom in home automation control systems. This gives homeowners greater convenience while they're away and can even help reduce energy costs because it allows users to better (or automatically) manage their energy usage to optimize efficiency.

To go green, many people have started installing "smart" systems which allow them to use less electricity by scheduling when different devices are turned on or off during peak hours. These controls also give customers greater convenience by being able to control devices by voice from across the room, or via their smart phones from anywhere in the world!

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