Heating and Cooling

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Heating and Cooling

With so many types of heating and cooling systems, it can be tough to know what type of system you need for your home. Our expert technicians take pride in being available around the clock to ensure that not only do we have the right equipment for your needs but also perform installations quickly and efficiently. We install all sorts of furnaces and HVAC systems.


When the weather starts turning cool, our thoughts turn hot! Whether you have an older furnace or a newer installation, we can look after your needs.

Leipert Plumbing are the industry experts for furnace installation. When your heater refuses to turns on, we're there for you!

We’re on call 24/7 so we can provide accurate estimates and scheduling appointments that work with your schedule... and we offer competitive rates to ensure you have the best of both worlds: efficiency and affordability!

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is the key to making your house a cool and refreshing space. When you call Leipert Plumbing, we'll find you an air conditioner that fit any budget or need. Once you find the perfect unit, you can count on us to will professionally install it for you and provide ongoing maintenance that ensures its efficiency over time.


Save energy and money with a boiler from Leipert Plumbing! We offer numerous size options to ensure that the product is perfectly customized for your needs. Or we can replace your old boiler with one of today's more efficient systems like in-floor heating for the ultimate comfort. With over 50 years of experience, our professional team can service, maintain, and install your system with care.

Call us today or contact us online to discuss which option is best for you.

Roof Top Units

Roof Top Units by Leipert Plumbing are a cost-effective way to keep your HVAC equipment running smoothly. Our team of experts can provide any maintenance service or monitoring you need to make sure that your rooftop units last as long as possible!

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Furnace Fun Facts

  • A very low humidity level will actually cause your home to feel colder than its measured temperature (as much as 4 or 5 degrees!).

  • All furnaces contain these three components: A burner (gas) or heating element (electric), a heat exchanger, and a blower.

  • Furnaces have long lives! Conventional and mid-efficiency furnaces last between 18-25 years. High efficiency furnaces last between 15 - 20 years

  • It is belived that the word Furnace comes from the Greek word "fornax"... which means oven.

  • An average 6 room house can collect as much as 40 pounds of dust per year! Make sure you change those filters every 3 months, and clean those ducts once a year.

  • As much as 60% of your household energy costs goes to your furnace (and out the chimney)! High efficiency furnaces can save you a lot in the long run.